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Since 1991, the Training Department at the Association of Banks in Lebanon (ABL) has received a great deal of support from all ABL member banks. Over the years, the department, with the close cooperation of management in the banking sector, has worked to understand the needs of its labor force, and it has acted to satisfy those needs with the most advanced training techniques and methods, as is shown in the 2013 activities report. The training Program of 2015 targets all ranks in banks’ departments . It consists of 35 different activities. These activities could be of different types such as conferences, seminars, workshops or short courses. They can last from one to several days. The program has been published and diffused in the beginning of this year, and the time schedule will be announced to Banks’ General Managers and Heads of Human Resources Departments once agreed upon with trainers. The activities of the previous month are described in the ABL Monthly Bulletin, where you can find details concerning the main topics discussed during the activities, the trainers, the number of participants, the location and sometimes the recommendations submitted to banks’ management or supervisory authorities. Moreover, the training department can be of great help to banks requiring in house training for their employees. It can study their needs, provide them with a list of professional trainers, and tailor-made contents according to their requirements. In addition to its contribution to the completion of several banking manuals and guides, the training Department has summarized and edited some of its training activities in the ABL Resources. Registrations for our training activities are made by banks’ management that can apply from now on via e-mail by filling the registration form, as well as through the classical ways of communication (i. e. telephone, fax, post). Finally, we guarantee all interested parties that we’ll take into consideration all their suggestions and comments, in order to fulfill our mission in the best manner.
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March 23, 2015
A leading Swiss banker told his Lebanese counterparts that the era of banking secrecy in the world is coming to an end, suggesting that the lenders have to prepare their clients for this inevitable outcome....
March 17, 2015
The US Treasury delegation headed by Assistant Secretary Mr. Daniel Glaser visited the Association of Banks in Lebanon at Saifi. The delegation was received by President Dr. François Bassil and ABL Board Members along with the Secretary General Dr. Makram Sader. During the meeting, a review of the financial and banking situation in Lebanon and the region was discussed, with a focus on the precise measures...
March 05, 2015
On March 5th, 2015, the President of the Association of Banks in Lebanon held a conference at ABL premises showing the most prominent indicators of the Lebanese banking sector’s performance in 2014...
April 01, 2015
In line with its strategy to support the Lebanese Youth, Bank of Beirut delivered another batch of scholarships worth USD18,000 to the winning students of the 3D University Account draw ...
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