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In its continuous quest to better serve the banking sector and its human capital, the Association of Banks in Lebanon has created in april 2016 a Human Resources Development (HRD) department to grow beyond its training service capabilities.

This department aims to develop the HR departments in banks by coordinating with concerned parties on banking industry trends and employment legislation. Its goal is to assist and support banks in implementing best HR competency based practices and provide them with relevant statistical data and metrics while ensuring their compliance with HR resolutions, namely the Collective Labor Agreement.

Accordingly, the Human Resources Development department role will encompass the following sections:

1- Organizational Development

Assist banks in designing talent management / succession planning, compensation, grading systems and performance management programs based on best practices.

2- Corporate Social Responsibility

Assist banks to become more sustainable and socially responsible in addressing areas such as employees’ wellness, energy use, waste reduction, carbon footprint, civic role, capacity building, etc…

3- Learning and Development:

Keep organizing public and in-house training activities (conferences, workshops, seminars, short courses…) for employees of the banking sector while covering all Lebanese territories, according to a training calendar agreed upon with ABL / HR and social affairs committee and approved by the board of directors of the association.

The training Program of 2016 has been published and diffused at the beginning of this year. As for the time schedule, it is announced to Banks’ General Managers and Heads of Human Resources Departments once agreed upon with trainers. Registrations for the training activities are made by banks’ management that can apply via e-mail by filling the registration form, as well as through the classical ways of communication (i.e. mail, telephone, fax). Also, the department appreciates pertaining suggestions and comments. Also, the precedent  annual activities of the department are shown in the 2014 activities report.

The activities of the previous month of the HRD department are described in the ABL Monthly Bulletin, where details such as the main topics discussed during the activities, trainers, number of participants, location and sometimes recommendations submitted to banks’ management or supervisory authorities.

You may get several banking manuals and guides that the department has contributed to their publication and listed in the ABL Publications.

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April 26, 2016
In the frame of the periodic visits organized by the Association of Banks in Lebanon to the capitals of finance in Europe and the United States, and in order to strengthen Lebanese banks’ relations with their correspondents, as well as to implement good communication with foreign financial and monetary authorities, a delegation of ABL Board of Directors visited last week New York and Washington in the United States....
April 12, 2016
The Association of Banks in Lebanon honored on April 12, 2016, the Director of Training, Dr. Fadwa Mansour, on the occasion of her retirement. ABL President Dr. Joseph Torbey, the Vice President Mr. Saad Azhari, ABL Secretary of the Board Dr. Freddie Baz and other Board members and the Secretary General Dr. Makram Sader and ...
April 25, 2016
Every new cardholder of AIR FRANCE KLM – BANQUE LIBANO-FRANÇAISE Visa Card, will double his welcome bonus Miles to travel to the destination of his choice!...
April 22, 2016
Within its Go Green strategy, and in line with its commitment to corporate social responsibility, Fransabank has implemented a series of environmentally friendly projects “Eco-Projects”, adopted by the Bank and undertaken within several sustainable energy and environmentally friendly initiatives....
April 07, 2016
"Water Heroes", a sustainable environmental project, was implemented, as a pilot, by the Lebanese association arcenciel in Antounieh Boarding School (Metn) thanks to the financial support of Banque Libano-Française (BLF) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) - Lebanon....
April 01, 2016
SGBL signed today a new partnership agreement with global payments technology company MasterCard...
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