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Theme: Legal & Regulatory Framework
Type: Workshop
Status: Realized
Main Content: • Role of banks as key players in the global fight against money laundering and terrorism financing
• Money laundering risks and mitigating techniques
• How to structure your anti-money laundering program?
• Investigation techniques
• Real investigated case studies focusing on the analysis of documentation for the purpose of identifying the techniques and methods utilized by money launderers to execute their schemes.
Objectives: To enhance participants’ knowledge of banks’ obligations in combating money laundering and terrorism financing in accordance with Lebanese regulations, provide them with the necessary skills to enable them to apply preventive measures, identify and report suspicious transactions and ultimately avoid transactions involving funds associated with a criminal or terrorist activity.
Partitcipant Profile: Front-line and internal audit staff, branch managers, compliance officers in the branches and the headquarters.
Duration: Half a day training activity.
Fees: 175$ (+10% VAT)

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