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Theme: Information Technology Management & Uses
Type: Seminar
Status: Announced
Main Content: Introduction
• Brief history of blockchain
• Blockchain and the fintech sector
• Public key cryptography for business people
How blockchain works
• What is blockchain
• Fundamental principles of the technology
o Mining
o Proof of Work/Proof of Stake
o Cryptographic hashes
o Consensus algorithm
• Existing technologies: Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies
Financial Applications
• Public blockchain for notary applications
• Permissioned and private blockchain
• Case studies and examples in notary applications
• Smart contracts
• Benefits and risk
Initial Coin Offering
• How to use Blockchain to raise capital for investment
• What are Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)
• Tokens and exchanges: crypto-assets and securities
• Current Legislation on Cryptocurrencies.
Objectives: To give the participants the opportunity to discuss the future of financial services and how technology is impacting them and discover the challenges banks will be facing in the present Lebanese legal environment.
Partitcipant Profile: Top executives and senior managers involved in banking technology and security.
Duration: Two-day training activity.
Fees: 1600$ (+11% VAT)

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From: December 14, 2018
To: December 14, 2018
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