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Theme: Management
Type: Seminar
Status: Realized
Main Content: • Introduction
• Compensation and benefits
- Definition and objectives
- How to motivate and retain talent
- Compensation salary management
- Legislative environment
- Budgeting and cost control
- Performance-based compensation (variable pay)
- A new wave to catch
• Training and development
- Introduction to employee training & development: forces influencing working & learning
- Strategic training: the process
- Needs assessment: methods used
- Learning design: considerations
- Transfer of training: applications & influences
- Evaluation practices
- Employee development: approaches & special issues
- Career management: the long term investment & its challenges
- E-Learning: the use of technology in training
- The future of training & development: how training would help in creating new businesses
• Succession planning
- Importance of succession planning
- Methodology
- In practice
- Pros & cons
- Difficulties
- Solutions
• HR metrics and analytics
- Metrics and analytics: what should be measured?
- The effectiveness of the HR function, HR headcount ratios
- Administrative cost per employee, time to fill vacancies, etc.
- Primary and secondary indicators
- Leading and lagging indicators
- Connecting HR metrics and analytics
- Conclusion and action planning.
Objectives: To increase participants’ awareness of emerging trends and developments in the HR management profession and have a deeper understanding of the importance of the HR department’s role in defining new strategies and policies in banks.
Partitcipant Profile: Managers and senior staff of HR department.
Duration: Two-day training activity.
Fees: 580$ (+11% VAT)

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