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Theme: Customer Service & Marketing
Type: Seminar
Status: Realized
Main Content: • What the customer really wants
• Demonstrating contagious customer service: the M.B.A
• Mindset: contagion begins with incubation
- The power of a positive mental attitude
- Types of customers
- In the customers’ shoes: empathy explained
- Understanding trust
- Rapport – building
- The contagion factor: EI
• Behaviors: how you can do to spread excellent customer service
• Appearance: how to attract more customers
• A Few More Things…
Objectives: To enable participants’ to identify the essential competencies required to demonstrate customer service excellence in a truly contagious way and practice dealing with challenging situations and personalities.
Partitcipant Profile: All banks’ staff dealing directly with customers.
Duration: Two-day training activity.
Fees: 450$ (+10% VAT)

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