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Fransabank official partner of the 2017 edition of White Wall organized by the French Institute in Lebanon  -  October 3, 2017
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Since 1998, Fransabank has been involved in a corporate social responsibility initiatives, encouraging young Lebanese artists and their creativity. This approach allowed the creation of JABAL exhibition, which opened new horizons for emerging artists, discovering their talents, accompanying them in their journey to success, and raising awareness among the general public. Over the years, more than 300 artists have exhibited in JABAL, around 50 of them are today a pride for the nation and have made their way to international recognition.

In this context, Fransabank strives to reflect the vitality and diversity of emerging contemporary arts in Lebanon, once again confirming the strategic role of the Bank as a strong supporter of art and the cultural influence of future generations. Its long-term involvement gives the young artists the hope and confidence needed to exist and further improve its inspiration.

Art is the language of communication and Fransabank contributes to this cultural dialogue

The White Wall initiative led by the French Institute in Lebanon to promote an exceptional encounter between calligraphy and graffiti, will challenge the artists this year in mixing Arabic and Latin alphabets and fits well into Fransabank's strategy and its deep conviction that art is an exchange and contributes to dialogue amongst cultures.

Yazan Halwani, the young Lebanese artist in calligraffiti chosen by the French Institute in Lebanon, was discovered by Fransabank artistic committee to participate in the 9th edition of JABAL, in 2013. He has since acquired an international reputation and will join Lebanese and foreign artists to portray the language of creative dialogue through the display of their art on the walls of Beirut using techniques of graphite and calligraphy. By replacing the canvas by the streets of Beirut, White Wall initiative is in line with the words of Fransabank Group, Chairman, H.E. Mr. Adnan Kassar, who stated that "Culture is essential, but only of value when it is accessible to all.”

While banks have always been in the service of art and culture, the concept of Renaissance bankers’ role in defending art and literature has been rooted in Fransabank's philosophy. Today, art and creation in Lebanon are in their utmost flourishing, reflecting a civilized image of a philosophy of coexistence, and a sign of cultural maturity, openness and modernity. In this context, Fransabank reinforces its commitment to this philosophy through contributing in the cultural growth of Lebanon, at festivals, concerts, major international contemporary art events and symposiums. Therefore, the Bank sustains today this commitment to the service of all kinds of fine art through Operation White Wall.

At all times, arts and culture are at the heart of the people.

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