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Identification of Critical Functions in Banking: A Strategic Step toward Succession Planning and Management

Theme: Management
Type: Seminar
Status: Realized
Date: 14/05/2019 to 15/05/2019
Main Content: • Understanding what is a Critical Function?
• Identification of critical functions in the context of continuity planning
• Understanding the critical functionality testing (CFT)
• Understanding how to develop a critical business functions checklist
• Assessing the different levels of criticality
• Understanding the need for CFT
• Understanding how to develop a CFT early detection strategy
• Understanding the best practices – CFT framework
• Understanding the critical functional scenarios – Rationale
• Setting-up CFT parameters
• Passing the CFT criteria test
• Observing and classifying risks
• Evaluating the market for critical functionality (Supply and Demands)
• Wrap up and key considerations.
Objectives: The workshop allows participants to:
• Understand how to identify the critical functionalities in their banks.
• Understand how to develop a critical business functions checklist.
• Assess the different levels of criticality.
• Understand how failing to provide a certain function, impact the bank’s performance and/or reputation.
Partitcipant Profile: All HR professionals at all levels and for employees involved in assisting the HR department in identifying critical functionalities for succession and replacement planning.
Duration: Two-day training activity.
Fees: 550$ (+11% VAT)

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