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ABL denies the news published by "Al-Akhbar"

September 24 2021

“Al-Akhbar” newspaper has been, since the beginning of the crisis, publishing fake news and modifying figures and facts without adopting one of the most basics journalism ethics, which is the right to respond, whereas the said newspaper did not publish ABL’s response to its inaccuracies.

The Association of Banks in Lebanon denies all the information reporting disagreements between its members published by “Al-Akhbar” newspaper that linked them to the negotiations with the International Monetary Fund.

The Association has been asking to employ the IMF program since the beginning of the crisis, and it expressed this need in many of its published press released, most recently its position following the adoption of the ministerial statement.

The Association of Banks in Lebanon would like to confirm that there are no disagreements among its members, rather solidarity and partnership in order to overcome the hardest time in the history of the banking sector, in the interest of Lebanon and the Lebanese.

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