About ABL

The Secretariat General

It is the technical and administrative organ in charge of the business executive and daily responsibility, on the basis of the decisions and the instructions of the Board of Directors, under the direct supervision of the Secretary General.

As for the Secretary General, the Board of Directors designates him/her, with the majority of eight members at least. Then the Board submits the name of the designated association to the General Assembly for endorsement. In case of refusal of such endorsement, the decision for the designation of the Secretary General is considered as null and void.
The Secretary General heads the technical and administrative organ of the Association. The Secretary General also designates the employees and the experts who are needed for the good functioning of the work. The Secretary General submits periodical reports to the Board of Directors and prepares the annual budget project and the report of closing accounts. Moreover, the Secretary General takes part in the meetings of all consultative commissions and provides assistance to all the members of the Association in their professional relationships, among themselves and with the ABL, the Banque du Liban (Central Bank) and the governmental institutions.

The structure of the Secretariat General comprises 4 departments
  • Administrative and financial department
  • Research and statistics department
  • Human Resources development department
  • Communication and public relations department