Publications & Resources

ABL Periodicals

  • Monthly Bulletin
    It contains the Monthly letter, the activities of the Association and economic sectors news, including the banking sector, in addition to economic studies and jurisprudence for banking and financial affairs, with a rubric on Banks’ Information Technology, and briefing on world economy published in the press. Available on ABL's website

  • The Annual Report
    Report on Lebanese economy, the Lebanese banking sector and the activities of the Association of Banks in Lebanon. It contains also statistical appendix and list of banking laws. It is published on yearly basis in Arabic and English.

  • Economic Letter
    Monthly bulletin prepared only in English on Lebanese economy with statistical appendix.. It is available in electronic format.

  • Key Indicators
    Monthly statistical bulletin prepared in English on main economic indicators in Lebanon

  • Treasury Bills
    Monthly statistical bulletin prepared in English on the domestic market.

  • ALMANAC of Banks in Lebanon
    Directory of banks and representative offices that are members of the Association. It is updated on yearly basis and published in English. It contains comprehensive details on the bank structure, its branches, correspondents, services rendered, board of directors and senior management, ATM posts, etc…  Available on ABL,s website.

     Almanac 2022
  • Collective Labor Agreement
    It is the text which governs the professional relationship between banks management and their employees. It is updated bi-yearly and published in the three languages. Available at the Secretariat General.  and on ABL,s website.

  • Main Financial & Banking Regulations
    Summary of regulatory measures issued by the monetary authority