HR Development


Theme Credit Management & Operations
Status Undefined Date
Type Seminar
Duration Two-day training activity.
Partitcipant Profile All managers and senior staff in credit, loan recovery and risk departments.
Main Content • Non-performing loans: the Lebanese experience
• Parties involved in case of failure in credit reimbursement
• Purposes of credit review
• Reasons for bad debt
• Managing the enterprise in difficulty
- Supporting the enterprise artificially
- Keeping facilities and re-negotiating them
• Keeping the enterprise under close control
• BDL & BCC circulars
• Case studies.
Objectives To enable participants to understand the issues related to risks and uncertainties associated with credit reimbursement and enhance their knowledge about the credit management process and their ability to detect problem loans at an early stage and handle those using creative remedial options by trying to salvage the enterprise under hard circumstances while preserving the bank’s interests.