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Banque Libano-Française’s LF Total Return Bond Fund turns 5 years old

January 08 2018

Banque Libano-Française’s (BLF) LF Total Return Bond Fund celebrated in 2017 its fifth year. It has been growing money for investors over the past 5 years generating a net return of 30%.

Since its inception, LF Total Return Bond Fund has been able to generate for its investors, a net annualized return of 5.25% per annum, and a cumulative return of over 30% (as of October 2017), meeting and exceeding the client’s investment objectives while satisfying their needs of stable returns, low volatility, income generation, low risk and safe domiciliation.

“The investment strategy we apply to manage the Fund is both disciplined and dynamic. Our asset allocation and portfolio construction process follows a top-down macro-oriented approach that allows us to build positions via a structured method. We were able to generate the above return to our investors even during the most difficult years in fixed income markets. As we are seeing more inflows into the fund, our objective is to maintain this positive performance and continue with our current approach to generate excess returns in the coming years” said Jamil Koudim, Portfolio Manager and Head of Asset Management.

Launched in 2012, BLF LF Total Return Bond Fund offers high net worth individuals and institutional investors the possibility to invest in international markets. Subscribers to this Fund benefit from a domiciliation in a highly-regulated and transparent environment, weekly liquidity, and access to global markets and opportunities, which are otherwise inaccessible to individual investors. LF Total Return Bond Fund has proven to be a reliable vehicle offering a credible alternative to cash deposits, other credit funds, and more volatile equity portfolios. The Fund’s investment strategy is focused on global credit markets, whereby at least 80% is allocated to investment grade bonds.

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