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Press Release 18-11-2019 (2)

November 18 2019

Following the press release issued this afternoon by the Association of Banks in Lebanon in which it called on all operating banks in Lebanon to reopen their branches in all regions and to resume their usual activity starting tomorrow Tuesday 19th of November 2019, and in light of the circulating news about possible protest rallies and popular demonstrations in downtown Beirut in parallel with the Parliamentary session scheduled tomorrow; the Association of Banks in Lebanon, out of its respect for the freedom to demonstrate peacefully and for protestors’ feelings, and in order to ensure the security and safety of  bank employees and clients, leaves the freedom for the managers of branches and headquarters located in the geographical scope of downtown Beirut or any other region that may witness popular movements to take the appropriate decision whether to close these branches and headquarters or not tomorrow, depending on the security conditions on the ground and in coordination with the administrations of the concerned banking institutions.

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