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The President of ABL held a meeting with the Delegation from the Center of Research and Strategic Studies in the Lebanese Army and the Syndicates of Entrepreneurs and Exchange.

March 13 2018

The delegation from the Center of Research and Strategic Studies in the Lebanese Army consisted of General Fadi Abi Farraj, General and Pilot Hisham Zebyan and General Saeed Kozeh visited to ABL on the 13th of March 2018.

They met with the president of ABL Dr. Joseph Torbey, the Vice President Mr.Saad Azhari in the presence of the Secretary-General Dr.Makram Sader and the Head of the Communication department Georges Abi Saleh.

The delegation thanked ABL for the support and its commitment to make the regional conference possible every year. It was organized by the center for the 8th consecutive year and was held on the 20th of February 2018, under the title: "Supporting the Stability and Development in the Arab World and the Middle East" .

The delegation seized the opportunity to present to the President of ABL a copy of the recommendations that was issued from the conference that was held by the elite and biggest Lebanese and foreigners’ researchers.

Dr. Torbey praised the Center of Research and Strategic Studies in the Lebanese Army for their exceptional efforts that are reflecting a bright image on the Lebanese Army Corporation; that is interested in the regional strategic affairs that has a big effect on the local situation.

Stating that the support of the Lebanese Army is definitely one of the constants at the association, because the banking sector and the army are the principle pillars in ensuring the stability of Lebanon.

The association sent its greetings to the general Joseph Aoun and to all pillars in the military council; appreciating the persistent efforts done by the delegation to maintain the security of the country and the civilians and for always reinforcing the capacity of the army.

The syndicate of entrepreneurs also visited ABL, under the presidency of the architect Maroun Helou, joined by its president Sheikh Fouad Al Khazen, where he discussed the complications facing the entrepreneurs’ sector in this current stage, due to a shortage in payments by the government to the pledgee; which will oblige some entrepreneurial companies to restrain from paying their duties to the banks.

The two parties agreed to stay in touch to preserve the best interests of the country’s economic stage, assuming that the entrepreneur market has a big role in providing new jobs’ opportunities, develop the country’s infrastructure and move the economic sector. It is also essential for banks, that this sector surpasses its difficulties that are preventing it from working.

Dr. Torbey welcomed also the syndicate of exchange in Lebanon under the presidency of Captain Samir Srour who exposed to the association the difficulties they are facing when dealing with banks.

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