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Constitution and Objectives

Constitution and Objectives
The Association of Banks in Lebanon was founded in 1959, by virtue of License No 1643, dated October 6, 1959. The constitutive administrative assembly was then composed of the following members:
H.E. Pierre Emile Edde Beirut Riyad Bank SAL
Anis Abdel Hamid Al Bibi National Union Bank SAL
Julius Roger John Thomson Chase Manhattan Bank
Jean Fares Saad Abou Jaoude Banque Libanise pour le Commerce SAL
Sheikh Fouad Salim Al Dahdah Al Ahli Bank SAL

By virtue of the bylaws, every bank enlisted in the list of banks set up by the Banque du Liban (Central Bank) has the right to join the Association as an active member, upon its request. Moreover, the representative offices of foreign banks may adhere to the Association, as Associate members, on equal footing with the member banks in rights and obligations. However, they do not have the right to vote or to be candidate for the membership of the Board of Directors.

The Association aims at achieving the following objectives:
  • Strengthening cooperation among the member banks through setting up a common picture for the higher interest of the sector.
  • Representing the profession and defending collectively the interests of the banking sector.
  • Highlighting the fundamental role of banks in upholding the national economy, through catering for an important share of the necessary financing needs to promote growth.
  • Working with the concerned authorities to find and develop the regulations and promulgate the legislations in order to develop the banking profession, in addition to expressing opinions regarding the projects and laws pertaining to the financial and banking affairs.
  • Reflecting the positive picture of the banking sector to the local and foreign public opinion, through multi-media, objective and arduous efforts.
  • Enhancing the banking performance level through improving the competences of the human resources working in this sector, continuously increasing their capacities and creating an ongoing atmosphere of understanding with the users of the sector, in order to guarantee the stability of the labor force in it and ensure the joint interests for all partners.
  • Endeavoring to consolidate cooperation between the banks in all other countries, especially in the Arab countries, in order to achieve the objectives of the Association.
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