About ABL

Presidents of Board of Directors

Since its establishment, the Association of Banks in Lebanon elected 20 Boards of Directors, presided by 12 banking figures, as following:
Presidents of ABL
The Bank Date of Election
H.E. Pierre Edde Beirut Riyad Bank SAL 18/11/1959
Mr. Anis Al Bibi (by interim) National Union Bank SAL 1968
Sheikh Joseph Geagea Joseph GEAGEA Bank SAL 14/3/1968
Dr. Assaad Sawaya Banque de l’Industrie et du Travail SAL 28/3/1978
Mr. Antoine Chader Capital Trust Bank SAL 29/6/1983
M. Adel Al Kassar (by interim) Fransabank SAL 7/5/1985
Mr. Abdallah Al Zakhem 
Business United Bank SAL 24/11/1987
Dr. George Aachi CCMO SAL
H.E. Raymond Ausdi Audi Bank SAL 12/11/1993
Dr. François Bassil Byblos Bank SAL 8/11/1994; 6/12/2005; 14/11/2007 and 5/7/2013
H.E. Farid Raphael Banque Libano-Française SAL 15/11/1997 and 20/11/1999
Dr. Joseph Torbey Crédit Libanais SAL 27/11/2001; 21/11/2003;
30/6/2009; 27/6/2011 and 29/6/2015
Dr. Salim Sfeir Bank Of Beirut S.A.L. 29/6/2019

Since its creation, the Association has held as at end of June 2017, 85 General Assemblies, out of which 55 ordinary and 30 extraordinary. Secretaries General succeeded, whether in person or by proxy:

Secretaries General
Mr. Michel Shar 1963-1970
Dr. Pierre Nasrallah 1970 – Feb. 1980
Mr. Majid Joumblatt (assistant) 1980-1984
Mr. Antoine Obeid (assistant) March 1980 – Sept. 1991
Dr. Makram Sader Sept. 1991- March 2022
Dr. Fadi Khalaf  April 2022